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Default Re: Saving a family treasure...(1936 1and1/2 ton)

A little update so far, I had a lull in the work on the farm this week, so got a pretty good start on things. Removed the seat and gas tank, and got the cab blew out, and the spiders. That cab was full of brown recluses underneath the material on the doors and headliner that was left. After removing all of that, it was easy to detach the back of the tranny, driveshaft, and linkages that needed to be removed. Then got the engine pulled which was relatively easy. The ujoint on the back of the tranny seemed to be in great shape, it will freewheel for awhile after you spin it, and the bearing seemed tight as a drum. I also removed the starter and already had the generator removed of course, so I took them to a local shop that rebuilds them, I was nervous taking them in there as they are so old, he laughed and said no problem, he can fix anything but a broken, so that made me feel good. There is also a local machine shop that is well known for engine rebuilds, I have used them before to redo a head on an H farmall. He said he was familiar with the flatheads and to bring it in, so whatever it needs it's getting overhauled. I've got a wiring harness and rebuilt helmet distributor on the way, as well as water pumps and some other assesories. I'm finding stuff daily that i'm adding to a list to order, the $ are racking up, but I knew they would, my dad and I are splitting the cost so that helps.

One thing I found interesting that some of you ford guys can probably finalize, is this tag found after doing some steam cleaning around the tranny for removal. this tag says "reconditioned cylinders assential" and at the bottom is stamped in the plate "6-40"....does this stand for june of 1940 you think?
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