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Default Re: Saving a family treasure...(1936 1and1/2 ton)

Originally Posted by Capt Kirk View Post
Farmboy. I (for some reason) can't enlarge pictures posted here. A lot of automotive glass is two layers of glass with a thin film of some sort of clear plastic between them. Safety glass. My glass was pretty good but I've heard (in a very recent post) that the glass and plastic can become delaminated and then fogged. I didn't replace any glass when I got the 35 but I'm certain it has been replaced prior to me getting the car. At this point, don't sweat the details. Get the thing up and running and then you can pick away at the details.
Agreed, I could start chasing rabbits in a hurry with this, I get something on my mind and I wonder....ha. I believe that's what has happened here, the glass is all cloudy.

Took some more stuff off today, if I can the stubborn pin that holds the parking break free, and the clutch linkage, I think we are about ready to try to pull the moter. Got a local guy that rebuild starters and generators, he said would be no problem to fix these which is cool, if not I've found plenty online to choose from. There also a local machine shop that has a longstanding good reputation, and he is familiar with these engines, so we are going to mic everything and see where we are at on wear and such. getting a little work in now, then I will be to busy to work on it much till late fall and winter. Thanks for all the help!!
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