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Default Re: Saving a family treasure...(1936 1and1/2 ton)

Bret, the decision has been made. Makes life easier for you! You're not the owner of the're the caretaker of it. You're not going to sell it so it doesn't matter if it's worth $5 or $500,000. You're dad's "adamant"...hell, I'd think that if he even "suggested" that it be put back the way grandpa had it...that would be enough. The truck will always be a Demonstrator regardless of what it looks like! Respect your dad's wishes because he's probably basing that on what he (and not you) knows his dad would want. There's the Rat Rod crowd out there and your truck would be a great candidate for that. I might be a little anal in that respect...I like things that are different than that. In accordance with your dad's wishes (take a ton of pictures), paint it the color blue that's on there and hire an artist to letter the doors. When it's done...and your dad sees it for the first time...I bet he has tears in his eyes!
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