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Default Re: Saving a family treasure...(1936 1and1/2 ton)

Bret, you may be able to find an artist that's good enough to replicate the lettering on the doors just enough to enhance what was there...not to the point that it looks all brand new but in a rustic, worn way. There are some amazing artists out there (I'm not one of them!). I agree with FE26...there are likely numerous trucks like yours that have been restored and if you decide to restore it the way it came off the assembly line then you can just toss your truck into the pool with them. Doing so, destroys the family story. You could restore it back to the day that your grandfather painted it blue and did the lettering on the doors. That would preserve the way your grandfather wanted the truck and the way it was when he used it. You can preserve it the way it was when you found it. You'd loose some of what your grandfather wanted but would preserve the life history of the vehicle after your grandfather and father parked it out in the field. Would your grandfather...would your dad want it put back with new blue and lettering? My situation was a little different, when I got the 35 from my dad, the body work had been done and it was primered (back in the 70's) and it was clearly my dad's intention to restore it like new. I restored the car the way he would have wanted it. Sorry dad but the black rustoleum paint on the firewall and dash had to go! My dad saw the car before he died and I was told he was proud. Bret, whatever your decision is, make your dad and your grandfather proud first and foremost.
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