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Default Re: Saving a family treasure...(1936 1and1/2 ton)

Originally Posted by farmboy View Post
Well I've got a few parts ordered for the engine on the way! When I get caughtup later in the week we may try to go ahead and pull the engine! Question is can I not pull the engine with the transmission attached? I want to inspect it as well! Bear with me as I'm learning as I go. I got a friend suppose to help me when time comes who has more experience on things like this. Thanks Bret.

You can pull the engine and trans as one unit, just remove the grill and radiator, unbolt the rear of the trans at the torque tube, trans mount, speedo cable, clutch linkage and remove the shift lever (watch that the little pin in the top of the shift tower does not fall into the transmission). For the engine, unbolt the motor mounts, hoses, wiring, exhaust, linkage, etc and hoist it out. It will be pretty heavy, make sure you have a good engine crane. It's also easy to remove the intake and I use that surface to lift from. put your chain twards the back of the block and the trans should off set it and make it pull out pretty level
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