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MAYBE .... some of us are making some mistakes in responding to posts like this one.

"dschwartz" posted what he believed to be an honest warning about what he thought was unfair treatment by H&H. Notice he did not ask for the forum's opinion ... but, naturally you can bet he was going to get it.

MAYBE ... the best thing to do is discuss whether or not he has a valid complaint against H&H. Suggesting that he is a whiner or that he's made mistakes in grammar does not help settle the main issue.

Some folks are quick to attack the person rather than the person's ideas ... there's a huge difference in trying to overall discredit someone and trying to debate a specific issue. "dschwartz" is a member of the Ford Barn. He may or may not be wrong, but deserves respect in any case.

Further, it does not really matter how many engines H&H has built or how fairly Mike Herman has treated his other customers. The issue is whether or not "dschwartz" has a valid complaint against H&H with HIS engine. I bet Mike will agree.

MAYBE ... no matter how much you disagree with "dschwartz", it's best he post his concerns here. I think he's found that the best solution is to discuss it directly with Mike Herman ... he learned that here. I also hope he will continue posting on the Ford Barn.
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