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Default Re: Help: Reverse eye leaf spring problem 34 Ford

Originally Posted by fordson View Post
Thank you all for the reply!
What are my alternatives?
The Posies 34 reversed eye rear leaf spring is an option, but its so darn expensive and i would have to ship it to South Africa. Besides not really traditional. I wanted to use original parts in a traditional way, now my original set springs is gone and from your reply i realise that the work was not done accurately and i cannot install the springs.
Its obviously not normal!
Isnt there a possibility of aquiring a correct fitting 34 reverse eye main leaf and fitting it to the rest of the leaves? I was told nobody makes singles anymore in the USA and i doubt i want anyone in South Africa dealing with this again.
There must be guys who can do correct reverse eyes to stock main leaves.
Thanks Randolf
I've found just the single eyed leaf spring on Amazon for $40 . It was for my 34 front .
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