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Default Re: Help: Reverse eye leaf spring problem 34 Ford

Very much a manual process. You heat up the eye, unroll it while trying to keep it straight, heat up again, and re-roll in a bender - and finish off manually to get the proper eye size.

One might even trim the curled end a bit to get it to "come together."

Very much fraught with places to go wrong, or places where errors can creep in.

A good spring shop knows about the errors - and the corrections - and does these intuitively along the way. Not so good shops don't care so much.

I would speak to another shop if you have one available. They might correct the issue quickly - but then they might defer. Each heating results in "grain-growth" which alters the chemistry of the spring and eventually make the results brittle or soft - either of which condemns the spring. Spring changes are limited and commonly once only.

You may be at the point where you have to spring the bucks to get a reverse-eye'ed spring from a reproducer. But let the better shop tell you that.

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