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Default Re: Water pump with no grease fittings

At least that one is a little better than the other one: the packing nut was soldered on in addition to the threads and the front bushing had broke on the lower part so the shaft ground into the casting (could that even be fixed?) A bit. At least I am making progress!
Carefully examine that packing nut and the threaded bushing - it may be hiding a later rubber lip seal (these were available "loose" for installation by a dedicated restorer and solder might have been used in lieu of the teflon tape usually used in this application.)

The front nose of the pump can possibly be used if one does the "Timken Cup Bearing" modification. Loading would be taken by the cup and less the housing body. The Timken bearing sleeve is hardened and a perfect match for the STANDARD diameter shaft. Aftermarket shafts can be used but you have to "knurl" the shaft to bring it up to an interference fit with the hardened bush hole.

See Vince Falter's discussion of water pump shafts. The Timken mod is discussed at Macs and he sells the kit. His seems to not need to use the former bearing sleeve. See

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