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Default Re: Junkyard Memories

Originally Posted by Dave1931Pickup View Post
In a different thread Tom Wesenberg mentioned French Lake Auto Parts in Minnesota. That brought back memories from when I was working on my first A, which I still own. I looked up a receipt that I had for two rear drums which also included the hubs. I remember getting home with my treasure and realizing that my bottle jack was still under the car that I had removed the drums from. I called the yard and they assured me that my jack would still be there when I could get back to retrieve it. I bet you we can't go to a junkyard today and get two drums with hubs for $5.00. I did a google search for French Lake Auto Parts and from what I can see on aerial views and from pictures on there website all of the A's are gone.
According to the all-knowing internet, that $5.00 equals about $40.00 today. A local self-serve yard gets $16.00 for a Ford drum, plus $1.00 to get in. So in effect you would get change back from that $5!
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