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Default Re: F1 steering in a Model A

Yesterday I got both the F1 and Model A boxes apart and cleaned up. Thanks all for your comment's and I've decided where I'm going. First off, the Tardel flange is three holes so it's not what I'm looking for since the Model A frame is two holes. Second, the F1 box has the center of the column about 1" further inside the frame than the A. I'm not so much worried about exhaust here as I am about having the column coming up directly between the pedals. I made up '32 style pedals so I have to get them installed before I commit anything to steel. Also, the Model A has a wonky 3-1/2 angle between the column and the flange face AND I don't want to cut 1" off the end of the F1 housing and lose length of the sector shaft support. So, I'm going to get the flange turned off the new box, make up a new flange and slide it over the F1 box and weld it when everything is in place.
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