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Default Re: F1 steering in a Model A

Originally Posted by PeteVS View Post
I'm working with the Bishop-Tardel book and it's time to tackle the steering box modifications. Bishop-Tardel recommends cutting the flanges off both the Model A box and the F1 box and then welding the A flange onto the F1 box. I'm kind of leery about doing that and having the sector shaft getting frozen up. I'm wondering if maybe I should take the F1 box to a machinist to turn the flange off the F1 box leaving the sleeve intact the full length. I could then machine a new flange and weld that to the box. Or, I'm thinking I could just trim the F1 flange to fit into the A frame and figure out a new bolt pattern and drill to frame and flange together. Any experience here or thoughts one way or another?

Thatís what we did, just trimmed it to fit. There is enough meat to dril a new hole. What welding a new flange does though is allow you reposition the flange so it fits properly (angle wise) in the frame. If not, youíll need to make a wedge or shim to angle the box correctly.
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