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Default Re: Steering column bracket

Originally Posted by WHN View Post
I assume your talking about the 28/29 cars.

I would remove the tank and use a good quality slosh sealer. With the 29 we have had now for 40 years we sloshed it three times before putting it back in car. No problems for 30 years. Keeping our fingers crossed.

If you follow the directions, it should work well. Follow instructions! Enjoy.
I've had good success by simply using a later style bracket (that mounts to the dash) to take the load off the bracket on the tank and some of that "slosh sealer". I've never welded or resoldered one not had one leak again.
BTW, RHD support brackets are not available from the vendors. I belive they were used in 1931. As far as I know, no Model As came to this country in 1931.
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