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Default Re: Ford ran 2/3 cars at the 1035 Indy 500?

Originally Posted by Ol' Ron View Post
In John Lawson's book "Flathead facts" He modified a stock 239 ci engine with every bolt on intake and carburetor available. Every cylinder head, and every ignition system. and still couldn't produce 100 HP. How ever the addition of a mild Max #1 cam did the trick. And the 221 is abit smaller.
Like I said, be nice to know what was in those engines.?????
How much torque were these engines producing and what rpm range did they run in? Itíd be interesting to know those figures.

As a side note I believe those Novi V8ís that were mentioned earlier were actually 3 main bearing engines. I know there was a lot of Offenhauser in those Noviís but I could have sworn there was some Ford dimensions or bolt patterns in them as well. I think I remember reading something about that long ago.
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