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Default Re: 12 colors available in 1940

1940 Fords were offered in a number of colors. The DeLuxe models were available in Black, Lyon Blue, Folkestone Gray, Mandarin Maroon, Cloud Mist Gray and Yosemite Green through the entire production. In April, 1940 a “Spring Color”, Garnet Maroon, became available for the DeLuxe models. Wheels were painted to match body color on all DeLuxe models.
The Ford V8 models were available in Black, Lyon Blue and Cloud Mist Gray through the entire production. Wheels were painted black on all Ford V8 models. However, as an extra cost option, the wheels could have been painted Lyon Blue or Cloud Mist Gray, to match the body color.
DeLuxe colors, with the exception of Garnet Maroon were available on the Ford V8 models as an extra cost option.
Domestic branches were advised by telegram on May 1, 1940 that special color combinations were being furnished. It appears these combinations were available on both the DeLuxe models as well as the Ford V8 models. Introduced at this time was an additional paint color, Acadia Green, offered only as part of a combination.
Combinations offered were:
Folkestone Gray body with Black fender and grille sides.
Folkestone Gray body with Mandarin Maroon fenders and grille sides.
Mandarin Maroon body with Folkestone Gray fenders and grille sides.
Cloud Mist Gray body with Acadia Green fenders and grille sides.
In order to procure one of these specially painted vehicles the following accessories were required to be ordered and installed:
License plate frames, fender shields, fuel tank locking cap, visor vanity mirror, oil bath air filter, oil filter, seat covers or leather upholstery, Ford script white sidewall tires, wheel covers and one or two outside mirrors.
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