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Default Re: If Henry was on Twitter would anyone like him?

Originally Posted by Bob-A View Post
And don't forget Henry was admired by Adolph Hitler. Who had him decorated with a prestigious Nazi medal prior to WWII....
So what? A few years ago, I received a written letter of thanks and a medal and accommodation from the recent former President of the United States. Does that mean that I agree with him or support him? Not even a tiny bit!!! I was recognized for a selfless act while following orders. Not for one second did I support the man's policies. Why judge Henry Ford for some recognition that a monster like Hitler gave him? Not Ford's fault.

Historians use that as a basis for calling Henry Ford some ugly things. By the way, there is no law against not liking someone or a group of people. Political correctness was not one of Henry Ford's concerns. As a fellow engineer, I like the way he thought when it relates to machinery. The rest of the stuff about him isn't any of my business.

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