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Default Re: If Henry was on Twitter would anyone like him?

I used to think of Henry Ford as a hero. I read all the early books about him and the authors all praised him as a folk hero. No one said a cross word about him. Later books pointed out his anti-semitic persuasion. He was unfaithful to his wife with Evangaline Dahlgren , but most of my change of heart about Henry was the way he treated his only son who was a great person in his own way. Recently I purchased his "my Life And Work" book and after reading a few chapters, his arrogance got to me and I did not finish. He was a shrewd business man, but after financial success, he became a very unlikable man. He hired thugs to enforce his rules, and his sociology department tried to control employees personal lives. His views expressed in his Dearborn Independant probably show what he would be like on Twitter.....Not very likable.
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