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Default Re: EFV8 Grand National Meet 2018

Keeping up with the connections aspect of this thread. It might have been in Springfield that a gentleman, might have been Robert Dick, was having some electrical and fuse issues. My brother and I tried to give a little help, and I gave that owner my box of fuses. Don'tcha know later that night coming back from the bar the Tilted Kilt, my headlights went dark. JM35 jumped to the rescue by lending me the same thing I'd given away!

It was in Auburn that Ken and wife (Ken's 36) lent aid when we'd done something stupid that ended up breaking our car forcing a roadside coil change.

Sorry I'm such a pill, but why not support the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum?

My avatar courtesy of 41ford1. Pic is him and Ol' Ron.
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