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Default Re: EFV8 Grand National Meet 2018

V8 Club meets are the highlight of my year! Even better for me than Hershey. Looks like I'm trailering, but there's still a slim hope of driving out to Dearborn.

Frank co-hosted a meet at Saratoga Springs that was a real hoot! I'll never forget the covered bridge tour and the Saratoga battlefield. We got a super cool license plate tab because that was the 75th anniversary year for the '36's. There was a rainstorm during the Concourse that was biblical.

Originally Posted by Frank Miller View Post
He did me a favor in Bakersfield by not going
I had such a great time at Gettysburg 2016, that I signed up with JM35 to fly to Cali. I had to back out, and Frank took my place. Pretty sure they had a great time, including a flat tire in (current club President's) borrowed '36. I missed the Pismo TROG too where the weather played a part again.

Originally Posted by Frank Miller View Post
All joking aside Glenn Sanders can testify to me being his most compatible roommate. Ok, I'm still joking.
On our trip out to Brainerd, I kept Glenn up with my snoring one night in Minneapolis and I'm still hearing about it today! (Glenn actually went out to his truck to get some rest! That's the same night Glenn pranked me by punching a hole in my beer right below the rim so it spilled on me when I tried to sip.)

Snoring doesn't bother Frank. We partnered up later on in that trip at the Foundation Museum in Auburn, after we had to scatter from Cragun's. We spent two days helping erect some huge F-O-R-D letters by the side of the building. (I can't wait to see what's happening out there!!!)

Originally Posted by Frank Miller View Post
Most guys say check out my car and open the hood. he handed me the keys.
I just love driving my cars so much I can't help but to share. A person can only drive 'em one at a time.

The people I've met through the V-8 Club, and people I've met through this forum, are my most treasured buddies! I'm not sure what that says about my sad life, but it's true!

Sorry I'm such a pill, but why not support the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum?

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