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Default Zenith 2 gas adjsut needle seat

I just finished up rebuilding my Zenith 2.. almost. Everything was straight-forward and smooth, but I had what looked like one jet left over.

Looking online and they show a seat for the gas adjust needle. So, I peeked down in that hole and it looks like my needle seat is integral to the casting (either that, or the old one's really hidden down in there with a bunch of gunk). I scraped around it with a small flat-head and it shows no sign of a screwdriver groove, nor any shiny hints at it being a brass seat. I also don't see any threads that would indicate my "extra jet" threads down in there.

It just looks like an appropriately sized jet at the bottom of the casting hole.

Am I missing something here, or do the Zenith 2's have a built-in seat?

Thanks in advance.
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