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Default Window riser handle question

I have an original window riser handle that had the knob frozen to the main part. Thanks to Dick Crabtree, he told me to soak the knob in Lock-Ease for a while. I did. With some leather to protect the knob, after 3 weeks soaking the knob in the Lock-Ease, the knob broke loose with a ViceGrip clamped around the protective leather. I can now turn the knob, but it is still stiff. I am afraid that when I get the handle replated, the nickel plating might cause the knob to freeze up again. What I would like to find is some thin liquid abrasive that I could dip the knob in or put a few drops in the narrow crack that would "grind" open the very narrow space between the main part of the handle and the knob. Like I mentioned, the space is quite narrow, so any thick liquid wouldn't flow into the space.
Thanks for any helpful suggestions.
Rusty Nelson
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