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Default Re: 59AB Cooling System Advice Needed from the Experts (not an overheating issue)

Originally Posted by Gene1949 View Post
Throwing out ideas;
I'm seeing head and head bolt sealing issues. Oil migrating up from the bolt holes and causing the sooting contamination. Pumping that much oil into the combustion chambers after just 500 miles is going to cause some major issues down the road.

It's quite evident you are pulling a vacuum on those head bolts during the intake stroke.
Ass-u-me[ing] you are pulling a vacuum on the head bolts [intake stroke] it's logical you are over pressuring the cooling system on the power stroke. You presented 2 pictures that show the leakage of the head bolt holes.
I have to agree with previous posters, using a "stock" configured gasket moving the fire/sealing ring toward the bore.
I really don't think you have any major problems, just sealing issues.
I am not aware that any of the head bolts go into any of the oil galleries? Am I missing something?

I believe that I was drawing a small amount of coolant into the combustion chamber (as could be seen by the small areas of steam cleaned piston tops and head areas), and more so pushing combustion gasses out through the coolant passages (causing the over pressurizing of the cooling system and subsequent blowing out coolant from the overflow tank). Definitely a head sealing issue.

So, on my next attempt, I plan on using Best brand Graphite gaskets (perhaps the small bore version? I'm thinking about calling the gasket manufacturer to discuss this). During my last assembly with Best brand copper gaskets, I torqued the Eddie Meyer aluminum heads to 40 ft/lbs (per recommendations I've seen here and elsewhere e.g. VanPelt Sales website) using the center out sequence. I used Permatex Aviation Form a Gasket sealant on the threaded portion of the bolts, and a thin smear of anti-seize on the shank (to prevent them from seizing to the aluminum heads). Do I need to do anything differently?
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