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Default Re: Problems with new Mac's fuel pump?

The fuel hose that you need is fuel injection hose (SAE 30 R9 is stamped on the hose). It can be purchased at most any auto supply store in various inside diameters and it is expensive! This hose is Ethanol resistant. If you buy regular fuel line hose (and this includes much of the imported hose and most all NOS hose), it will turn to mush fairly quickly.

The Ehanol problem is a "sleeping giant" and is one of the most difficult challenges that we face with our older cars. In addition to the hose itself, the diaphragms in fuel pumps need replaced and many of the electric fuel pumps are also not Ethanol resistant and can fail quickly.

Here are 2 pictures of an electric fuel pump that failed after car sat for about 2 years. We couldn't push any fuel through the hose by any means, as all the rubber parts had swollen up and completely clogged everything. We dissected this fuel pump with a rotary cutter.

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