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Default Re: '40 Pickup full restoration project

Originally Posted by rotorwrench View Post
Take apart, clean (emphasis on lots of cleaning here), repair, trial fit, repair again (with possible repeats), final fit, prep/paint, then final assembly and hopefully no repeats in there.

Its definitely all in the many hours of prep work that makes it go together so well. Work well done and rewards innumerable (lots of jumping for joy here). It looks like you're getting close to having the other kind of fun with it. Driving it is only part of the fun though.
You are of course 100% correct. Still, I have to wonder why that with the exception of this one, all others have been a pain in the butt to align. And yes, that's after trial fit, another trial fit, paint, etc... It's black magic I tell ya - black magic.

Got the box on today and have just a slight fitment issue with two of the bolts. That should be readily solved tomorrow. '
It is now officially brandy time here in Wisconsin.

Oh yeah... "driving it". That will most likely never happen. With the exception of the trailer(s) loading & unloading.
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