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Default Re: Model A Huckster Group

Originally Posted by Jazzjr View Post
Here are the Photos of Progress of the Huckster Van I am Building. I still need to install the rear Door Handle and Locks, Plus put the Black Vinyl Top on. My Son is almost finished, with the Front, and Rear Fenders, which I will Paint Black. I still have a lot of Mechanical work to Finish up Also. But all Progress will Halt, Car is being Stored off Property, as I will be Wintering in Florida for the Winter as of Dec. 1st. Next spring I will finish it, than Trailer it to Florida to Use.

For these who want to Know about the Seat, It came out of a Dodge Mini Van, (Durango) Back seat, it was given to me. I used Fabric Dye to color it from Red to Black. As you can see it is 41" long and will fit the 44" inside space with 3" to spare. I built the Base out of Oak, the same height as the metal feet that were on it. I will anchor it to the Floor, using a Continuous Hinge, that way it can flip it up, and Store Tools, Jack and Spare Parts under it. It also came with Seat Belts already anchored in the seat, on the front, under the drivers side, where I will sit, I'll mount a Electrical Kill Switch.
This type of seat could be used for any Model A, if you don't have a Seat.
still trying to find out the year of the dodge that the seat came out of.
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