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Default Re: Engine runs rough unles GAV is open 3/4 turn

Originally Posted by Tom Endy View Post
The sizing of both the comp jet and the cap jet determine where the GAV should be set. The comp jet is the little button looking jet in the reservoir and is much smaller than the cap jet. The fuel that feeds the cap jet has to come through the comp jet. The GAV allows fuel to be ported around the comp jet. If all the jets are sized correctly you should be able to run at high speed with the GAV set between a quarter and three quarters open. The jets in your carburetor may not be sized correctly, or you may have something plugging one of the jets. First take an air hose and blow each jet out. You also could have some debris plugging the internal passageways.

The jets in my carburetor have been re-sized and I leave the GAV set at three quarter open for most driving conditions. It doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with your carburetor, you just have the GAV closed too much.

Tom Endy
Terrific, thank you Tom! I must be remembering something incorrectly about driving with 1/4 turn max on the GAV.
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