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Default Re: Gas tank leaking

The year was 1947 and the gas tank on my 1930 Coupe was seeping gas at the steering column bracket. Just a seep, not a bad leak, but it was ruining the floor mat and the gas odor was obvious.

An old timer ran an auto repair shop nearby and I went to see him. He said "sure I can fix it, I have done several. Go to the town dump and get a steering column bracket from a junked 1931 Model A and come and see me next week" he said. Next week rolled around and I went to see him again. He said take a walk for a half hour or so. When I returned he was installing the bracket from a 1931 I found at the town dump. I asked him what he did but he was very reticent. He said something about draining the gas tank and using dry ice in the tank while he repaired the exterior. He would not provide further details.

More than 70 years have passed and the tank has never leaked a drop. The 1931 bracket is doing its job.
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