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Originally Posted by AL in NY View Post
Russ Evans in Simi Valley, California makes an alternator that looks exactly like the Model A generator, cutout included. It's a 45 amp, 6 volt, positive ground unit that will pass fine point judging. It cost about $385.00 (one year ago). Russ stands 100% behind his alternators and will replace any defective units without question. He is a Model A guy and will build the unit for your car, just supply him with your month/year build date and he will make up one exactly as needed for your car. He doesn't have a web site or email, but he can be reached by phone at (805) 583-4221. He also makes a 12 volt, negative ground unit. I bought mine from Russ because I felt better about giving my money to him verse a big corporation.

New number for Russ Evans: (805) 428-2564
Thanks for the info!
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