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Default Re: Coil has constant power

Originally Posted by Dave1929 View Post
I have a 1929 Tudor without cowl lights. I have been running this car for a couple weeks and today it wouldn't start. No spark is what I found. I have noticed that no matter if the ignition switch is off or on I have a full 6v to the coil. Did this burn my coil out which equals no sparky? What would cause constant voltage to the coil? The ignition switch bench tests good. Is it possible a wire got switched around and it has just taken this long for the coil to finally give out? The coil looks old but that doesn't mean it wasn't put on right before I bought the car. Also I noticed I have a full 6v to the generator when the car is not running. Is this right?

Let's look at the wiring diagram,

The flow in into the coil on the black wire and out on the red. The red goes to the switch and travels down the armored cable to the points. With the points open and ign on, if you measure from the engine block (ground) to each on the wires on the coil you will get voltage. If the points are closed you will get voltage on the black terminal only. With the ing off it depends on if you have an original switch or not and if it is working properly the voltage readings you will get.
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