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Default Re: Gas tank leaking

Originally Posted by DHZIEMAN View Post
When it comes to fuel leaks in a Model A, the only solution for safety is to fix it right! And that requires removing the tank, and taking it to a radiator shop or some place similar and getting the tank rust cleaned out, and have a pro review if the tank is repairable. Once that is established, ya gotta do what ya gotta do to be safe. Gasoline is dangerous stuff.

Here locally, there is a radiator repair shop in Springfield, Mo that will take Model A gas tanks and repair them and coat the inside to stop the rusting. Have not had to do it yet, but if I do, that will be the avenue I take on fixing a fuel tank leak.

Two things to ask when you take the tank in for repairs.

1) Ask them what they will use to de-rust the inside of the tank. Most radiator shops no longer have the proper chemicals in their tanks to effectively do this. Even if they say Caustic, please know that Sodium Hydroxide will dissolve organic matter however it has no affect on rust.

2) Ask them what type of sealer, -and how will they know if it is truly coated inside?

A quart of sealer IMHO is not enough to coat the inside of a tank, --and even 1 gallon is not enough to slosh a tank with and know that it coated all sides of the baffles. If they slosh/coat the tank however it does not cover all of the areas, then you have a mess on your hands as the bare metal areas begin to rust. It honestly takes a minimum of 4 gallons to coat all the walls including the baffles, and most radiator shops will not have that quantity of material on-hand because once exposed to the atmosphere, it must be used in a short time period.

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