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Default Re: Coil has constant power

Originally Posted by Dave1929 View Post
This car was running good the day before yesterday. It has been cutting out a bit under a load. Today I did replace the a meter with a new one because the old one was no where near calibrated as in the needle was way off of zero. I have bypassed the new ammeter and there is still no spark. I did emery cloth the points just a bit to clean them up but other than that I've done nothing today. I pull the main wire from the top of the distributor and hold it close to ground while cranking and there is no spark still yet. I'm thinking my coil just took a dump.
DON'T start replacing parts until you find out what is wrong. Use a voltmeter and a wiring diagram and go through it step-by-step. If you start throwing parts at it you will introduce issues and it will make it much harder to troubleshoot. 6V on both side of the coil is normal. The point side of the coil goes to 0v only when points are closed and ignition switch is ON.
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