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Default Re: Engine removal question

Originally Posted by Farrell In Vancouver View Post
To remove the hood you can remove the rear mount, the fold both sides up and rest them on the cowl. Move to stand in between the frame rails and grab both hood handles and lift it free. Slowly rotate yourself and remember to step over the front bumper and lower it onto a piece of carpet or cardboard. Well it works for me..........
Thanks, had my wife help lift the hood out (yes, we're still talking afterwards) as I hurt my back on Sunday cleaning out some heavy car stuff to go to the scrap yard. The only hold up was I had to tap the front of the hood with a rubber mallet as it was stuck in the radiator shell bracket. Getting the radiator out was also a PIA, couldn't get the lower mounting brackets out easily, the fender aprons kept them from being lifted up, so I had to drop the front splash apron and slide the bottom forward to get it out. If all goes the engine will be out tomorrow.
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