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Default Re: Cos of A Restoration

Originally Posted by Keith True View Post
I just had a couple of older guys look at a really nice coupe I have for sale.I have no idea how long ago it was done,but the laquer paint is holding up nicely.Some cracking in the black reveals where the roof meets the body.This is head and shoulders above presentable,it is still a beautiful car,both on top and underneath.They were coming about 60 miles to look at it so I was pretty thorough on description.I told them about the paint and the first words out of their mouths were,yep,it needs 20 grand in paint.They agreed I was honest in describing it to them,but they wanted absolute perfection for $15000.They actually tried to tell me it was only worth $5000. 10 years ago the appraisal was $16,500,and the car has improved since.They said they got the figures and how to use them as a negotiating point here on the Fordbarn.
Did they buy the car?
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