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Default Re: Cos of A Restoration

Originally Posted by WHN View Post
It seems to me that some of us are letting our ego’s get in the way of being fair to our hobby.

I would venture to say that the majority of Model A Ford’s still on the road are not fine point restored cars. They are maintained or restored to many different levels. Each of us being very proud of our antique car or cars.

Is a car that has had its engine, complete running gear, paint, and interior redone not considered restored to some level?

We own a 1929 Sport Coupe that has never been completely apart but has won many local car show awards. It is not in anyway a fine point car, but it drives like new and looks to most people like a well restored car.

As many have mention. You can spend big bucks for a fine point restoration, if that’s what you are looking for. Or you can spend and do what you can afford, if that’s what you are looking for.

I drive the grand kids out for ice cream. I enjoy the waves and nice car comments. I just like owning a car that I have worked on since I was 12 years old.

Why do we have to pick other people’s cars apart?

Spend what you can afford, you will be proud of and enjoy owning your Model A. Enjoy.

OK, it seems this is becoming skewed and off point. I just re-read what has been written above, and I personally don't think anyone is saying anything about comparing Fine-Point to Drivers as to which is better, -nor is anyone suggesting any percentage number of Model-As still on the road are Fine-Point or Driver, ...and I do not see that anyone is picking other people's cars apart. This topic is about replacement costs with insurance companies and the costs associated with performing a restoration.

One question I will ask you based on your comments though, ...what is your definition difference between repairing and restoring? In other words, we all can read/understand the definitions of those two words in the dictionary and how they differ in meaning however please give us your opinion of when someone is repairing a Model-A vs. when they are restoring a Model-A.



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