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Default Re: Cos of A Restoration

Originally Posted by Mike V. Florida View Post
So your idea of restoration is the replacement of every part with new? You don't believe in restoring any part? That's one way of doing it.

I like to take things apart and only replace and repair what is needed. How often do the sheetmetal backing plates need to be replaced, the metal shoes, etc.

There are several ways to do a restoration,
1) do all the work yourself
a) replace just what is needed
b) replace everything you can with new

2) provide the labor and farm out what you cannot do

3) send it with instructions on the level of restoration out and pick it back up in a few years.

It is my personal opinion that 3000.00+ for restoring brakes is a waste of money, others may not think the same way.

Mike, we are definitely friends so us disagreeing is not going to change anything but you are mixing up definitions that are the very root of what has caused this whole issue.

In some ways, your 1a above is really is NOT 'restoring'! I think most would call that Repairing. Restoring is returning each component back to a standard by which it was originally manufactured. Replacing just what is needed is generally not returning all items back to correct specifications.

The other thing that you may not be aware of is when you price what it costs to completely bring the entire braking system back within factory specifications, -factoring in parts (-including the cast-iron drum conversion) & professional labor for rebuilding all components, you will find it does approach $3k very quickly.

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