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Default Re: led light bulbs

I saw one at Hershey, the focus pattern is sort of a figure 8 and fuzzy
The original bulbs have a V shaped filament, gives a sharp focused beam with clear edges without the lens at 20 feet just a little larger than the diameter of the light, the halogen bulbs I have use straight filaments, the focus is a little larger and some fuzzy edges--- so 1/32 makes a difference, the led bulbs move the light 1/8", and only 2 spots of light-- I think s lens could be designed to work with them, when led bulbs are OE the reflector is much different, sort of a cut in 1/2 rams horn

The real test is not how brilliant they look looking close, but how far the concentrated light is projected down the road---- most electric poles have reflectors, my car lights them up 8 poles away, about 1/3 mile--- 35 watt halogens, everything else original, including generator, never charged except by driving, I am going to try some hid bulbs, but for low beam it will have to tilt the bulb
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