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Default Re: Mafca national/regional meets

Originally Posted by Jim/TX/GA View Post
If you are referring to the list of locations in the article on the top of page 29, it says nothing about "regionals". The Board is simply asking members if they have a preference, among the many places listed, for where they'd like to see a National Convention held in the future (2022 and beyond). National Convention. And soliciting interested parties that might want to help host a National Convention at any of those locations, or any other location that they might propose. It's a different approach to planning the location for a Convention.

There is nothing there that is intended to say anything about Regional Meets. They will carry on as the Regions wish.

It's hard to write for 100% clarity. Sorry if there was some confusion or misunderstanding. If you are referring to another article/page, let me know.

Jim I understand the intent. My point is there seems to be a shift in thinking regarding both National and Regionals too. Our club The Gallopin Gerties hosted the 2014 National. They are a tremendous amount of work regardless if the event is National or Regional. I realize too that suggestions are being asked for. The article appears slanted to major population centers. Just my 2-bits worth.
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