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Default Re: Mafca national/regional meets

I agree with Quickchange. The hotel charge was way less than any other Holiday Inn we stayed in during the trip to the USA. The rooms were great. We loved the bus tours and the self guided tour in an A400 driven by Gary Floyd and his rwo tiny canine companions was a bonus. It was a great venue and worth every penny, since we participated in everything we could do.
The flights to US and the rental car were by far the most expensive part.
We were treated like royalty by all involved, and each MAFCA national we attend it just gets better as we are befriended by more and more members. You get back what you try to give plus interest.
For some this may not happen, perhaps because of being reserved, or hanging back or just being rather shy. To them the returns may not seem worth the expense, but to us the payback in terms of fellowship, entertainment and enjoyment of a common bond in old cars makes it very worthwhile.
Well done MAFCA.
SAJ back in NZ
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