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Default Re: Australian barners should read this

Originally Posted by updraught View Post
EBay is collecting for the seller. How do you know the seller has sold over $75,000 worth of gear?
With the recent devaluing of our dollar is the seller to use A$ or US$ when setting this limit?

It' quite exciting this isn't it.
Itís an Australian law so Iíd expect that the $75K would be $A and it seems since eBay sells more than $A75K to Australians so they must collect the tax. Also seems eBay need to learn that the price quoted MUST include tax. I think they would have to set up their auction system so that if a bid is made by an Australian bidder, the bid is shown with tax. That would leave other bidders thinking that the bid is higher than it really is unless only Australian bidders see the full price. Certainly a challenge for eBay!
For non Australian readers, it is considered dishonest here to give a price, then expect the buyer to have to pay a higher amount, even if the difference is a tax. Iíve just been in the US and found their system of adding a mystery amount of tax to the price at the register quite confronting and dishonest. The tax seems to change from state to state, city to city and the direction of the wind. Here, it is uniform throughout the entire country.
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