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Default Re: Odd vibration noise

Bob, I'm not laughing at anything!

I rebuilt a 53 stovebolt for an old Chevy (bad, I know) dropped it in and it had a knock. Pulled it again, not a small job with a cast iron trans behind that heavy six. Tore it down, found no issues, but it back together and dropped it back in. Still had a knock - wanted to cry. Spoke to EVERYONE I could find, in person and online. Dropped the oil pan a few dozen times. Pulled the motor again thinking it was the flexplate, swore the whole time, put the motor back, still had a knock. Invented new swear words and years are now passing. Convinced the noise was at the rear of the motor I ignored the front. was a lose harmonic dampener. The fan belt would more the dampener fore and aft causing it to thump against the crank and sending the sound reward.

All crazy thoughts welcome!!!!

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