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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Model Atractor.
Did you know there was a model A tractor?
Yes, produced by Harry Ferguson and David Brown. The two are still names of tractors today.
Henry Ford produced the Ferguson TE20 tractor under licence. Infact he made some 441 thousand of them. They are virtually the same as we have here in Australia except the front grill and the throttle.
The Ford -Ferguson agreement was widely known as the handshake agreement. This amicable deal didn’t end the same way. It was acrimony. Ferguson claimed patents had been stolen and sort a settlement of 251mil USD. Settlement was reached following a lengthy and expensive legal battle. 9.25mil USD. The most expensive litigation case in history. Another lawyers field day, they never miss out do they.
And Fergusonwent on to manufacture more than half a million “little grey fergies”. I had one and used it to tow my aeroplanes with. Today my son Dennis has it to tow his aeroplane.
History has it. In 1936 the Ferguson-David Brown tractor, the Model A, was introduced.
“The Little Grey Fergie” was manufactured from 1946 to 1956. Half a million of them. Ferguson went public and later bought out by Textron, who also are manufacturers of Bell Helicopters, Cessna and Beechcraft aeroplanes.
David Brown manufactured the “valueless motor car”. Quite a silly name isn’t it. In 1908, the front resembled a T and the passenger compartments resembled an A. (The Model T was introduced in 1908 also). And for a period 1947 to ’72 the Aston Martin. James Bond drove one. Remember the baddie getting ejected from the passenger seat?
ADCO boughtout David Brown and now it is owned by a German company and I believe still manufactured in Canada under the brand name of Massey Ferguson.
Internetpage to Ferguson-Brown Model A tractor.
And to speakof odd names. Alldays and Onions, motor car. Named after the founders of the company that built the car. If you don’t believe me just look it up on the internet.

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