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Originally Posted by updraught View Post
If it won't start, and you get a blister.

Maybe try some "Start Ya Basted" sold in this country.


"Petrol Engines:
Old or stale fuel
Low battery condition
Poor choke operation
Cold ambient temperature
Insufficient engine cranking speed, particularly on manual start engines such as motor mowers, small motorcycles etc.
Engine has been sitting idle for a long time
Frail people who are not strong enough to pull a start cord quickly enough
Initial start after repair work"
There is a BIG danger that the engine will kick back if you use any of those volatile starter fluids. I wouldn’t do it.
Making sure that the engine fires just a tiny bit AFTER T D C is important and the reason why those in the know, set their timing with the lever a notch or two down from the top.
I want to live forever.
So far so good.

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