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Default Re: FSI distributor issue

It is used on both the 1300 and 1500 civic and some other models. GUESS WHAT? The $24.99 ones have now disappeared from FleaBay, I suspect from all the recent purchases that have happened since this modification for model As has caught on. For now, I recommend the men's mall as the source. Here is a link to a picture of one.

By the way, I've torn down 4 of these now, all rebuilt by Cardone, same PN. All were different springs, and one came with cap and rotor, the others not. Two different looking modules, some with lots of grease/oil in them, one totally dry, all with varying shims. I'm not sure what the deal is, but Cardone's rebuild process seems to vary a lot from unit to unit. Men's mall units are probably just as good.
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