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Default Re: FSI distributor issue

I have very little against the FSI distributor, it is an improvement over stock in most regards, but it is not nervona. First, if set as FSI suggests, it leaves your timing at 0 degrees of advance at an idle, which can lead to overheating in parades, and a carburetor idle adjustment that is largely ineffective. (That is what this thread points out is possible). Second as variously reported, the total advance of the FSI distributor can be between 27 and 30 degrees, which is a bit much for some model A engines under heavy load conditions, especially if equiped with a high compression head. These things are not fixable be turning a screw.

But, all that said, it does eliminate having to mess with the spark lever, and gives an electronic ignition. Both good things, and it's not all that ugly. What I am trying to accomplish using the Honda distributor with a vacuum advance, is to fix those problems which FSI leaves you with. And guess what, I've installed it, and it works a treat. (It does require some machining in order to fit, so is not for everyone.)

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