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Default Re: Fire extinguisher and mount for 30 Coupe

Originally Posted by Brkile View Post
Looking for suggestions/ideas for a fire extinguisher to be carried in my 30 Coupe. I'm thinking about mounting it horizontally on the floor against the seat riser , right in front of the driver. Maybe attach the mount to the floor using the floorboard mounting screws. Anybody have any specific fire extinguisher they have used ?? thanks
This is exactly where I have mine. You are on the right track, fasten it so that it does not slide forward when you brake hard. I have a 5 lb. Halotron extinguisher there. It does not make a powdery mess when used. Do not use in an enclosed area. I bought mine at West Marine. They seemed to have the best price, $230 and free shipping. Not exactly cheap, but a lot cleaner if you ever need to use it.

I have watched several really nice cars (not Model A's) burn up the entire engine compartment for lack of an extinguisher. A real shame.

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