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Default Re: Rear Float-a-Motor Mount Install Issue

Originally Posted by BillCNC View Post
Hey Guy's

I'm installing Rear Float-a-Motor Mount's,, well I WAS, and wondering why these simple part's cannot be made correctly OR well someone else might have a better idea than I.

Mounts on the bottom of the inside frame rail, angle forward, all parts are as per instructions, NOPE, FAIL, All bolt holes are to high. Look at the pictures, it's the same on both sides.

SO, what are the options?

a. Wonder why the heck 3 simple holes cannot be drilled correctly.
b. Modify the Parts to fit.
c. Modify all the holes in the frame and mounting plates on an 87 year old car.
d. Call up CW Moss and ask them what's up?

THAT's the problem right there. I avoid CW Moss and Vintique as much as possible...
'30 Briggs Town Sedan
And once again that is just my 1 worth.
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