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Default Re: Electrical question

Originally Posted by CWPASADENA View Post
It is not recommended at all to disconnect the battery while the engine is running.

If you do this at a fast enough engine speed where the generator is charging and the cut out is closed, the generator voltage will increase above battery voltage and this may burn out light bulbs and burn points etc. Just watch the ammeter, it will tell you if the generator is charging.

My opinion,

Chris W.
I agree. In the Model A, the battery is the regulator. At idle, the generator is usually not in the circuit because the cut-out has it disconnected to prevent the generator from discharging the battery. Once the engine revs up enough for the generator to put out more than 6.3 volts, it puts the generator in the circuit. At that point, you could disconnect the battery and the car will run off the generator. However, the generator is capable of putting out one heck of a lot of volts under no load of the battery charging. Maybe 20 volts or so at higher revs. Hopefully the coil will take that kind of voltage, but if you happen to turn on any lights, they will probably go in a flash. Bottom line is don't try it.
-Bill G
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