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Default Re: Sea-foam, MMO, or fogging to help sticky valves?

Originally Posted by Mark W. View Post
Thank you guys, I was afraid that this thread would wind up as another Pandora's box issue...

I pulled the plugs and did what Updraught suggested, but I think she needed a little more than that. Black flies are out in Maine, so a little more smoke from the car can't hurt and we are still in that courting stage where I'm going larger runs each time out until I get confident with the ol' gals reliability. At some point you have been there too I would assume.
The trick I suggested I've used lots of times and it has always worked instantly on a valve problem. However, thats for an engine that has been sitting for a few weeks rather than years.
Might need to let the stuff soak for several days, or as others have said, it could be something else.
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