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Default Re: '75 pinto 10" rotor and caliper

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Originally Posted by jmerson View Post
I'm sure this has come up in the past but i searched for it and got nothing. I have a '34 sedan with mustang front end. The caliper has a casting number 4109 and an emblem " Ford". It has a 10" rotor that was a 4 bolt rotor but it has been redrilled for 5 studs. I measured it and got 4.25" spacing but maybe i measured wrong because all i can find for 10" is either 5" or 4.75" or 4.5". Any one have any experience with this setup??
I want to get new rotors, calipers and pads.
Your best bet is to take your rotors, calipers and pads to your local Napa Auto Parts and have them cross reference the parts. If you have the standard Pinto/Mustang II spindles it should not be difficult to get parts. You can also research e-Bay and find what you need.
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