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Default "8BA" Crank Pulley Car/Truck Inquiry

I had this post earlier:

I have since discovered that the incorrect crank pulley nut was used (basically it would almost pass thru the bore of the pulley !) Currently I don't have a spare truck pulley but I do have a 52 Merc Car pulley, It appears the bolt & washer from the merc engine are what I need on the motor (they are all the same for that era it appears, obviously the Merc pulley is a narrow belt pulley, is the spacing the same from a 52 truck motor to a 52 car motor for example ? I assume the merc pulley will fit on my motor, wondering if I could just run narrow belts, but not sure if the car crank pulley belt grooves align to the truck water pumps, fan & genny, I don't think the wide truck pulleys will care if a narrow belt is running in them, but the offset is a whole other issue... The 52 pulley is an hour away from me right now so I thought I would do some pre investigation.
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